Community Blog Topic: Favorite (playable-) faction leader

This week, Robin Torres of WoWInsider asked the community who our favorite playable faction leader is. Not something I’ve really put a lot of thought into, honestly, but considering the question now I’d say… it varies.

I like Varian Wrynn, most of the time. I’m impressed with the way he greeted my death knight and panda monk to the Alliance. He handled the encounter on the ICC ramparts with Saurfang pretty well, I thought, even if Jaina did ruin the moment. And then I remember the fifteen-foot-tall statue he had built of himself. (And the way Blizzard rewrote history so that he got credit for my kill of Onyxia. Grr.)

There’s Cairne Bloodhoof (RIP). Always thought he was a pretty chill dude, I bet he’d have been fun to visit a sports bar with. Guy gets a lot of respect for managing to keep the Tauren going in the face of them bloodthirsty centaur tribes. And then Megatha tricked Garrosh and it was all Lion King over again. Sort of.

Does Anduin Wrynn count as a leader? ‘Cause that kid’s got [censored] of steel, man. Sure, I’m not a big fan of the way he looked at me like we’d never met before when I found him in the Jade Forest (I mean, come on! I only helped you expose the Twilight’s Hammer in Stormwind, you can’t even say ‘how ya been’ for old times’ sake?) But to face Garrosh like that, at .. what is he now, 15? 16? There’s grown men who get one look at the bones over the shoulders and faint in hopes the big orc’ll think they’re dead. This kid? Intercepts Garrosh’s plans at every turn and even goes toe-to-toe with him. Nearly gets killed over it, but still.

There’s others I like… but then, if I list everyone, I’ll basically be listing them all except Sylvanas (and while I may not like her, I do like the way they’re sticking by their guns in writing her).

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  1. hasteur says:

    Good News,
    Your post is going to be featured this Sunday on GroupQuest.

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