Community Blog Topic: Who needs more lore?

This week’s Community Blog Topic from WoW Insider is “Which faction’s story would you like to see more of?”

Short answer: Draenei and Gnomes. Long answer: Everyone but Worgen, Trolls, and arguably Orcs.

Blog post answer: The Gilneans’ story has been told out pretty well in-game, even if you don’t get all of it just by playing a new Worgen. Roll a Horde toon and quest through Silverpine to get the ‘what happens next’ (and then of course quest on into Hillsbrad for the “Welcome to the Machine” questchain–not to be missed!) Trolls, meanwhile, aside from the Darkspear tribe, have had their lore spelled out in near-infinite detail. The Orcs, well, they go all the way back to Orcs v. Humans and umpteen-hundreds of books have been written expanding on their society, their battles, their feelings when someone spills a beer… *ahem*.

Everyone else, however, needs more (preferably in-game) lore. Random Dwarf Hermit Questgiver #3361 out in the Hinterlands has more storyline in his little finger than ninety-nine percent of anyone in any capitol city. I’d love to see more of a population in the cities themselves to begin with, but the people who are there, who are placed specifically to provide “flavor” beyond just “welcome to Darnassus, motel’s there, shop is there, the gates close at sundown”, have no interaction with the player. Only a handful give quests; fewer still have gossip chats. This is a key location for Blizzard to create immersion. Instead our capitol cities are ghost towns, while settlements with three buildings–if they’re lucky–are major quest hubs.

But, in general, my vote lies with:Draenei story stops with the achievement of the Tabard of the Hand. Oh, there’s Outland, but for the most part Outland is concerned with the Orcs who used to live there, those who still do, and the Blood Elves.

Gnomes are in similar position. They’re poised to finally reclaim Gnomeregan once and for all, they’ve developed ways to heal irradiated gnomes still lost… and yet they sit and wait. For what?!

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